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Selecting the Best Self Storage Facility

Self storage units are a necessity in today’s society, even if they may not be wanted. Self-storage is used in nearly one out of ten American households for many reasons. Moving, home renovations, military deployments, and major life events (marriage/divorce or a child’s birth, a family death, etc.), are the most common reasons to use self-storage. For business or personal reasons.

You may not know how to choose a facility to store your belongings, no matter why you might need to do so. In this article, we will help you choose the best self storage unit for your particular needs. Check out this checklist to help guide you in your search for the best self storage facility.

The majority of people will store their valuables near where they work or live. You will feel more secure knowing that you can easily access your belongings. You may consider this less important if you are not planning to access your storage facility very frequently. It is also important to consider how accessible the storage unit is. It is located on or off of a main road. Or, does it sit in the middle of nowhere? It is important to ensure that you are in an area with a low crime rate and a clean environment.

Self storage units are equipped with all of the basic security measures. A brightly lit facility is a must, in case it becomes dark and you are required to visit the storage facility. Also, there should be a perimeter security fence, an access gate with a code-protected computer system, as well as closed circuit TV or video surveillance. When you expect that your valuables will be available when needed, isn’t it?

UNIT SIZES- There is a wide range of sizes for storage units. Most of the time, 5×5, or 5 feet long by 5 foot wide are available. The sizes increase up to 10″x30″, or bigger, depending on the size of your building. The size of the unit you choose will depend on your requirements. It is possible that you do not know the size of unit to choose if this is your first time using storage. An experienced property manager is a great resource. You should be given a recommendation by the property manager based upon what items you will store. The manager should show you the unit itself. The manager can show you the storage unit to help determine if it’s the right size.

Although price is an important factor in choosing self-storage, it may not be the first thing on your list. The truth is that most people are happy to pay slightly more for an area if it has features they value and meets their requirements. In self-storage, the saying that “you get what you paid for” is also true. Sometimes the most affordable facility isn’t always the best. You can probably find out why the facility costs less. Perhaps it lacks video cameras, or has a gate that requires a password to open. This makes the facility less secure. This could mean that the building is old and is not well-maintained. The majority of people will not store their valuables at a filthy, neglected property. Avoid storage facilities that offer rates significantly lower than those of their competitors. Before making a decision, always visit any facilities that you’re considering. Inquire about the special rates and promotions that the facility is offering. Discounts are common in the current economy, and this is also true for self-storage.