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Understanding Cruelty or Absurdity: Abnormal Psychology, Behavior

It is easy to get confused by the cruel and insensitive behavior of people. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know why tapping should be avoided

They seem to think logically even when their concepts are brutal.

When they make you their victim, it is likely that you realize what they did against you. You feel hurt and you want to take revenge.

However, the truth is that they did not know what they were doing. This was because they were controlled by anti-conscience. After my explanations, I’m sure you will get the idea. Also, you’ll be able to understand the bizarre psychology behind the cruel and absurd.

The anticonscience is our primitive, wild conscience that didn’t evolve in the same way as our human nature. It occupies the largest area of our brain. It is actually a primitive species with a very small human conscience. Our brains are the most violent and absurd.

The anti-conscience operates independently of the human brain, so that it doesn’t have any knowledge of what is happening there.

However, the anticonscience is stronger. It not only observes the human side, but can also interfere with our thoughts.

Because it wants to take away our sensibility, and make us behave like animals, the symbiote keeps trying to kill our human side.

If we ignore the thoughts of our anti-consciences when they invade, our human conscience can only control our behavior. However, if we try to do what the Anti-conscience suggests in the mind, we will completely lose control of our behavior.

The anti-conscience makes it appear to be part of our human side. This allows us to believe that its ideas can be our own. This is how it manages the destruction of our human conscience. It is going to propose the most absurd ideas in the form logical solutions.

The anticonscience is a demon. Although it wasn’t able to evolve as quickly as the human side of our brain, it has developed quite well on its own. It can think very well, and can even make plans. It is stupid, its nature was corrupted by terrorism. But it is smart and cunning.

This means that there is a horrible enemy within our brain that creates mental illnesses in our conscience and seeks to destroy it.

We need to learn how to harness our inner anti-conscience, and turn it into a positive side of ourselves. Dream therapy is one way to do this. It takes only a few month for an average person to see the benefits of the therapy.

Schizophrenics and patients with psychotic disorders need years of therapy. However, they are able to find peace and mental health after the treatment is over. The average time to cure neurotic, bipolar, or depressed patients is less than 8 years.