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Condominium Property Management

The condominium is a property where the owner of one part is the only person who has legal access and use to the common area. This includes hallways and elevators. You can get the best guide on Altura EC.

A Condo is an all-consuming job. Good management companies can be the difference between an investment that is profitable and one that’s not.

Toronto property managers can perform the tasks of daily condominium management on behalf the owners. This includes rent collection and bills payments. In the course of normal business, rent checks could be returned as NSF. The tenant may want to use cash to pay or pay through another bank. There is a need for a local point-of-contact. You must pay your bills, and you should keep in constant communication with all billing agencies including the city and condominium building management.

Local property managers are the point of contact your tenants for all questions, concerns and requests. Professional property managers will inspect all rented units, monitor tenants and buildings as well as keep a close eye on owner interests.

A tenant must be located when you have possession. Toronto tenant screening is very important to ensure that the rental property does not go to an unqualified tenant.