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How to awaken your Kundalini energy using 4 methods

In order to awaken kundalini, you need to practice many yogic methods, such as meditation, kriya, pranayama or yoga. As you breathe, or direct prana into your kundalini’s dormant place, energy awakens. It then passes from the sushumna nadi to the brain, via the central nervous and spinal cord. While ascending, kundalini gets to each chakra which is linked with the different quiet areas of your brain. This energy will awaken the dormant brain areas, which are like blossoming flowers. What spices have to avioid before ayahuasca?

1. Awakening By Birth

According to them, if both parents had a high level of evolution you could be born with awakened Kundalini. The spiritual channel ida and pingala can also awaken. Ida nadi runs from left to right from mooladha. Ida nadi is feminine, passive and introvert. Pingala exudes masculinity, and it is also active.

The life experience of a born-awake person can be controlled to a great extent. This all happens within their being in a very natural and understanding way. Unawakened kundalini in a child will bring clarity, vision, high thinking quality, and an exceptional philosophy. A child with awakened kundalini will have clarity, vision, a high quality of thinking and an extraordinary philosophy.

2. Mantra

A sadhana that requires time, patience, and a strong mantra is a great way to awaken kundalini. Find a good mantra from a teacher who is able to guide you. Praying mantras can help develop your vision as well as higher forces, which allow you live with an inner knowledge of not caring about anything around you.

Over and over, repeating mantras creates vibrations that spread throughout your oceanic mind. It is believed that if you use mantras for millions or billions of repetitions, it will permeate throughout your brain and body, purifying both the physical and emotional health.

It is important to practice these techniques on the mental and psychic levels, out loud. The kundalini is said to awaken systematically by performing them at each of the four levels.

3. Tapasya

Tapasya in Arabic means to perform austerities. In order to cleanse the mind and soul, it is necessary to burn or set fire. Through this procedure, all the dirt in your personality and any behaviours or patterns that are causing you pain will be removed.

The root of habits and patterns is not only the conscious mind, it must also be addressed. Tapasya can be a psychological, or even psycho-emotional procedure where a person is trying to change their metabolism and eliminate habits that may cause them to become weak or prevent the awakening of the willpower.

It is possible to overcome the lack of motivation by eliminating the space between resolutions and actions. This weak will power makes the decision, which is final. It eliminates the emotional or mental energy.

4. Herbs

The method of awakening kundalini is known as aushadhi. Although it is the fastest and most powerful way to awaken kundalini it is not suitable for all and is only known by a few. Different plants around the world are capable of changing the elemental and body nature to invoke a partial or complete awakening.

These herbs are a good way to awaken your ida. However, some other herbs can shut down these two nadis. This will quickly bring you into the mental hospital. Some people have mishandled plants or the aushadhi awakening method because they were unprepared, incompetent, or not qualified. If you try to wake up your Kundalini quickly and without being prepared, it can lead to schizophrenia, or other mental illnesses.

Soma: A juice extracted by a special day during the Lunar cycle from stalks. After this, it was burried until the full-moon and said to incite visions, promote experiences, and encourage awakening higher consciousness.

Ayahuasca — a substance studied for years by health professionals, doctors and natural healers around the globe. It can help with a range of different problems. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most popular treatments in drug addiction in Brazil and Peru.

Ayahuasca therapy can help treat depression, anxiety disorders, addictions as well as schizophrenia.

You should seek out a mentor to guide you through the experience.